Lamb fattening

Lambs at Scottville in New Zealand are raised naturally on the lush pastures of the Canterbury Plains. Fed 100% with fresh grass, or baleage where necessary our lambs are thriving and happy being raised in a completely natural environment. The perfect conditions consisting of green pasture, fresh water, and sunshine provide a ideal environment for producing the best quality lambs, with healthy wool and 100% natural grass-fed meat. The three types of lambs we fatten are Merinos, Corridales and Crossbreds.



Merino lambs are purchased from the high country sheep stations of the South Island, in New Zealand. These lambs have been sold to the SILERE Alpine Origin Merino meat program.



Corriedale Lamb jumping excitedly out of weigh scales

Corriedale lambs are the mainstay of meat production and mid micron wool in the drier areas of the South Island.



Crossbred Lambs

The “superiority” of crossbred lambs is due to hybrid vigor. Crossbred animals tend to be hardier and more productive animals than their purebred counterparts.


Wool production at Scottville is a key benefit of our lamb fattening operation. Scottville Merino wool is marketed through the New Zealand merino company. Merino lambs are renowned for their fine wool, mostly used for producing top end clothing worldwide.

Feed Planning


The Farm IQ program is used for trace-ability of stock and for feed budgeting, optimizing growth rates and meat quality.



Our prime lambs are weighed regularly using a Te-Pari Racewell sheep scales allowing us to achieve optimum size carcass weights of meat for our customers.



Animal Health is critical to fattening lambs effectively, as healthy sheep perform and fatten a lot quicker. The Farm IQ program helps us to record health treatments and enables us to plan future applications.